Established in 2003 in Montréal, Paxyl is a specialist in omnichannel contact center solutions and unified technologies. Our mission is to help companies improve their communication with customers and optimize the experience of these with the enterprise.

The idea of building our company came in response to the requests of many of our customers who were looking for a particularly specialized expertise to accompany them in their project of a contact center. Customers were looking for specialists who could help them well define their needs, as well as deploy and implement effectively the technology for a contact center.

With our team of experienced employees and consultants, possessing a special expertise in contact centers, you can entrust us with your most complex projects with all the confidence. With the greatest number of experts in this field, Paxyl team guarantees a work of exceptional quality.

Paxyl delivers a variety of contact center solutions using the most high-performance software and technologies on the market. Whether you are a small-medium-large sized enterprise or a government organisation, we do have the suitable solution for you.


A 100% customised solution: Whether you are a very small business or a government organisation, Paxyl will provide you with a 100% customised solution. Do you have particular preferences or needs? Talk to Paxyl experts who will be happy to adapt as much as possible to your requests.

Outstanding expertise: With more than 15 years of expertise in contact centers, Paxyl will surprise you with the exceptional quality of its services, exceeding the expectations of its customers.

Complete impartiality: The dynamic Paxyl team will provide you with all the possible solutions for your company in an absolute impartial manner, which will allow you to choose, in full objectivity, the ideal solution for you and your team.

An experienced team of experts: Rely on the greatest number of our outstanding experts in the area of contact centers, with more than 125 years of distinguished experience in contact centers and telephony.

More than satisfied clients: A great number of reputable clients fully satisfied by solutions and exemplary services from the Paxyl team..

An exemplary customer service: With our customers’ satisfaction at heart, we will ensure you finding the optimal solution for your business, so that you could concentrate efficiently on what you can do best: your area of expertise.

High-level technologies: The Paxyl team works with the most high-performance technologies on the market, such as Genesys and Cisco, for qualitatively high-standing solutions.