A united and dynamic team, ready to take on the biggest challenges!

Discover Paxyl

Located in the trendy Griffintown district in the heart of Montreal, Paxyl is a company created in 2003 by technology enthusiasts. In just a few years, it has become a leader in the field of customer contact centers.

A company on a human scale, Paxyl stands out for its culture and values where everyone finds their place. Both during and outside business hours, our resources are a close-knit and dynamic team who are always ready to take on the greatest challenges.

Enrich your career

At Paxyl, diversity is our strength. We therefore believe that the unique backgrounds and skills of each person contribute to building our teams.
Let’s build the rest of your career together!

Much more than benefits

Because our employees are the heart of our business, it is important for us to offer them the best possible working conditions.

Training and development

We support our team with the tools they need to be successful, whether through training or mentoring.

Social activities

We take the time to get together and spend time together through various activities or events.

Comprehensive health insurance

We offer comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Flexibility and organization of working time

Because we know that life can sometimes be unpredictable and that the definition of comfort is different for everyone. Work-life balance is very important!

Meet our team

Martin Marois
Martin Marois
Strategic advisor

Newly arrived in the Paxyl team in 2022 after more than 22 years in the field of telecoms and Customer Contact Centers; my experience in CCC technology management, project delivery and strategic analysis means that I am now a "Swiss army knife" at Paxyl (according to my boss at least!!).

Being used to working on varied mandates and being a big fan of customer experience and efficiency, I am able and available to help you make strategic decisions, to accompany you in the delivery of projects of all sizes as well as providing tips for the optimization of your support teams on an ongoing basis.

I have the reputation of being a Star Wars fan... It is probably due to my impressive collection of Star Wars jerseys!! (I stopped counting at 60...) or because of the number of artifacts I have at home, ranging from simple figurines, glasses, cups, masks, socks, picture frames, and puzzles to small household appliances (I never had the courage to do the count for those...).

I may not be a Jedi master; they say I'm a BBQ master!! So, I'm always ready to organize a good team BBQ and share a good IPA and a good rum with my colleagues (indeed Melvin, always in moderation!!).

Cédric Guiné
Cédric Guiné
Senior integrator

Passionate about home automation, I have always liked to facilitate the use of solutions for people.
This is why over the course of the missions, I have specialized in specific developments and personalized solutions in order to improve the customer experience of contact centers.
Otherwise I'm always up for new bike adventures!

Alain Bisson
Alain Bisson
Senior integrator

I have been with Paxyl for 15 years, and have 26 years of experience on Genesys applications. During all these years, I have seen versions and options go by... Some will tell you that I fell into Genesys when I was little.
It is with this great knowledge that I am always available to answer questions and carry out the projects of the various clients.
I also like to take advantage of my free time to do baking and renovation!

Philippe Tremblay
Philippe Tremblay
VP Business Solutions

With deep expertise in the technology sector, particularly in the area of customer contact centers, Philippe leads business development activities to ensure a good match between customer needs and the company's offering. In addition, his role leads him to establish win-win strategic partnerships, in addition to maintaining marketing visibility that is faithful to the values and skills of the company.

Marie-Pierre Beausoleil
Marie-Pierre Beausoleil
VP Operations

Director and manager with more than 25 years of experience in the fields of contact centers and unified communications, Marie-Pierre is a recognized leader in the industry. She has orchestrated many large-scale projects around the world. This experience allows her to follow up on projects carried out by Paxyl in order to ensure their success. Marie-Pierre is also responsible for the management of our human resources.

Melvyn Runghen
Melvyn Runghen
Senior consultant

Expert in optimizing the customer experience since the release of the game Resident Evil 3 (in sports language 5 soccer world cups).  My passions are sport and zombies (cliché) but I am also a big fan of rum (* to be consumed in moderation). At Paxyl, I build relationships with technology partners and I strive to support our clients in improvement and innovation.

Jean-François Prévost
Jean-François Prévost
President, Partner

A visionary and fervent advocate for an optimal customer experience, Jean-François acts as a strategic adviser for clients who request it. In his role as president, he sets out the vision and goals of the organization, as well as defining the growth strategy with the management team, and directing day-to-day activities to pursue the company’s success.

Angelique Lebailly
Angelique Lebailly
HR Lead

With over 14 years of experience in recruitment and human resources, I make employee experience my priority.
I have been part of the Paxyl team for over a year, and it was essential for me to join a company that aligned with my values. I support and advise management in order to develop the HR strategy while structuring and setting up the HR department.

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How to make a career in this field

There is no academic training in the field of customer contact centers. It was therefore essential for Paxyl to develop its own training adapted to its reality, to its needs but also to its resources, regardless of their profiles.

The only prerequisite is to have experience or academic training in computer science in order to master the basic concepts of IT.

Our support process promotes the skills development of new recruits regardless of their professional history.

Our open positions

Genesys integrator

You have experience with Genesys Cloud solution? 

Business analyst

You are familiar with contact center operations?

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