Cloud computing is increasingly accessible to business of all sizes. Switching to cloud mode avoids investment in volatile technologies and enables a business to focus on core competencies. Cloud computing also allows businesses to benefit quickly from technology innovations, instant upgrades and proven integration with other cloud computing systems.

Cloud computing will continue to be a dominant force in business digital transformation. Furthermore, because the number of cloud computing solutions for contact centres is steadily growing, it is not always easy to navigate through them.

The Paxyl team has exceptional expertise in contact centre platforms. We can advise or assist you in your projects to transition to solutions such as:

  • All-in-one contact centres
  • Quality control
  • Workforce management
  • Automated call back
  • Voice biometrics
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Surveys
  • Virtual assistant
  • Artificial intelligence
  • And more.

To meet the needs of the market, we prefer GensysCloud and Bright Pattern cloud solutions.

A unique platform for more connected and meaningful experiences

The GenesysCloud solution from Genesys helps business to manage the customer journey by connecting the customer to the correct service provider at first contact, regardless of the channel used, while improving the employee service delivery experience.

A system that is quickly operational for long-term benefits

  • Easy to deploy, easy to use
    Its intuitive interface fast account configuration and seamless integration with existing systems. No complicated training required.
  • The power of growth
    GenesysCloud offers a flexible environment that instantly adapts to meet peak demand. Respond to changing customer demands through continuous updates of features and capacities.
  • Maintain a good overview of what is going on
    Interactive dashboards provide a consolidated view of customers, interactions and call centre agents across all channels and sites. Take advantage of proactive analyses and information from the contact centre.
  • Manage your workforce and systems
    GenesysCloud’s intuitive analyses provide you with a wealth of information, from succinct summaries to detailed and customized views. Use these tools to advance and obtain the best from each employee.

Consult the Genesys website for more information on the GenesysCloud platform at, or click GenesysCloud tour to take a self-guided tour of features and functionality.

To see a brief demonstration of GenesysCloud, watch the presentation below

Bright Pattern offers simple and powerful cloud contact centre technology

The technology and unique architecture of Cloud 3.0 microservices have been created by recognized contact centre industry leaders with more than 25 years of experience creating customer service software for businesses.

Fervently committed to the success of their clients, these founding members have equipped Bright Pattern with a deep understanding of what is required to create a feature-rich customer service technology that can be deployed quickly and is very easy to use.

Today, Bright Pattern offers innovative cloud-based contact centre solutions that enable medium and large enterprises to provide an exceptional customer experience across all communication and messaging channels faster and easier than ever before. Bright Pattern invests heavily in research and development to bring these innovations to customers and partners around the world.

Visit the Bright Pattern website for more information at

To see a brief demonstration, watch the presentation below

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