Many large companies prefer the on-site deployment of a solution to on site to conform to the operational policies. This approach leverages the available internal expertise and allows complete control of operations to be maintained.

For on-site deployments, Paxyl recommends the Genesys PureEngage solution, a world leader in the industry.

Augment digital transformation in your business with the PureEngage solution from Genesys

Offer experiences of superior quality and augment your digital transformation with the Genesys PureEngage platform, the only omni-channel customer engagement solution for large enterprises.

Available on site and in the cloud, the PureEngage platform combines real-time contextual routing, quality intelligent routing and a digital transformation to differentiate your customer experience in the marketplace. With robust, easy-to-use tools, you can exceed customers’ growing expectations for personalized, smooth interactions. Because this solution supports complete customization with APIs and Web standards, you can easily expand your capabilities to deliver operational efficiency and a superior customer experience across the enterprise.

Consult the Genesys website for more information on the PureEngage platform at

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