Martin Marois

Newly arrived in the Paxyl team in 2022 after more than 22 years in the field of telecoms and Customer Contact Centers; my experience in CCC technology management, project delivery and strategic analysis means that I am now a “Swiss army knife” at Paxyl (according to my boss at least!!).

Being used to working on varied mandates and being a big fan of customer experience and efficiency, I am able and available to help you make strategic decisions, to accompany you in the delivery of projects of all sizes as well as providing tips for the optimization of your support teams on an ongoing basis.

I have the reputation of being a Star Wars fan… It is probably due to my impressive collection of Star Wars jerseys!! (I stopped counting at 60…) or because of the number of artifacts I have at home, ranging from simple figurines, glasses, cups, masks, socks, picture frames, and puzzles to small household appliances (I never had the courage to do the count for those…).

I may not be a Jedi master; they say I’m a BBQ master!! So, I’m always ready to organize a good team BBQ and share a good IPA and a good rum with my colleagues (indeed Melvin, always in moderation!!).

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