Paxyl delivers a wide range of services and solutions necessary for the implementation and management of an efficient contact center by providing all the needed technology, service, training and support.

Project management

Paxyl ensures that your contact center and telephony projects will be a guaranteed success. To reach this goal we put at your disposal our highly qualified, competent project and program experts with their exceptional experience in the contact center area. Our project managers possess all the necessary skills to enable the deployment of complex systems, integrated into different technologies presented on the market. Paxyl makes use of techniques and procedures that are recognized as the best practices in the sphere of project management.


Paxyl equally provides consulting services in the outlining of a development plan for contact center technologies, in drafting RFP documents, in implementing a new contact center or for improving an already existing one. Our company experts will help you identify the best market technologies to meet your particular needs.


Paxyl helps organisations determine, structure and coordinate different solutions by providing Technological Architecture Services. Each technology possesses its own specifications and features. Without the appropriate architecture, neither of them would be integrated in an optimal and efficient way. Paxyl ensures that each contact center uses the solutions that will enable the company to quickly adjust to the demands of a rapidly evolving market.


Our Service of Business Analysis allows the call centers to become more efficient and improve their management and operational processes by analysing their new systems that are to be deployed or those already in use. In this way, the call centers can improve their procedures and processes benefiting the most from the functionality offered by contact center solutions.


Paxyl possesses a very specific expertise at the level of configuration, integration and implementation of solutions for a contact center. We can equally deliver solutions enabling our customers to integrate new systems or to focus on those that are already in use, such as human resources, accounting, CRM or telephony systems coming from a variety of sources.


LThe deployment of a contact center solution requires a very good mastery and knowledge of the technologies, constrains as well as the environment. The success of such a deployment is based on the execution of a strategy that embodies the detailed orchestration of the required activities and elements related to the implementation of these systems. Owing it to the great number of deployments undertaken by our team, Paxyl is able to define the best strategies for you by taking into consideration all the factors that can influence the smooth running of the various deployments.


Whether you are looking for technical training or need assistance in building and refreshing the training offered to the users of your contact centers, Paxyl makes available Consultation Services to respond to your needs and preferences. A detailed plan will be submitted to you, ensuring that we meet your expectations and requirements on all the modules offered in Paxyl contact center trainings.

Support and maintenance

Paxy’s Solutions Support Team includes certified integrators of all levels to promptly respond to your requests on the XCloud service or on-premise deployed solutions. This service includes a solid support plan, a detailed maintenance plan, as well as a 24-hour customer service hotline, 7 days a week.