Founded in 2003 by experts in call centre technologies, Paxyl Solutions has grown steadily to become a leader in customer contact centres.


The main task of our team of experts is to help organizations improve their customer service.

Our Differentiators



We are flexible, agile and focused on customer needs. Our customized approach has enabled us to carry out numerous projects of varying sizes.



We frequently act as a strategic adviser to help companies choose the right approach to meet real business and technology needs.



You can place your trust in one of the largest groups of experienced contact centre experts. You can rest assured that both the cumulative expertise of our individual specialists, and that of the whole team, will be deployed for your project.


Proven Solutions

As a result of our knowledge of the most popular solutions, we have developed an excellent understanding of their advantages and disadvantages and thus are able to advise you appropriately.



We offer delivery and execution of projects in accordance with industry best practices. Whether for program or project management, or as an adviser, you can count on us.


Cost Control

We closely monitor expenses by keeping those responsible for project budgets informed in order to avoid surprises.  In addition, we offer competitive rates.

Management Team

Jean-François Prévost

Jean- François Prévost

President, Partner

A visionary and fervent advocate for an optimal customer experience, Jean-François acts as a strategic adviser for clients who request it. In his role as president, he sets out the vision and goals of the organization, as well as defining the growth strategy with the management team, and directing day-to-day activities to pursue the company’s success.

Marie-Pierre Beausoleil

Vice-President, Human Resources and Project Office, Partner

Director and manager with more than 25 years of experience in the fields of contact centres and unified communications, Marie-Pierre is a recognized leader in the industry. She has managed many projects on a global scale. This experience enables her to monitor projects carried out by Paxyl to ensure their success. Marie-Pierre is also responsible for managing human resources for the company.

Philippe Tremblay

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Having extensive expertise in the technology sector, particularly in the field of customer relations centers, Philippe directs business development activities to ensure a good match between the client’s needs and the company’s offer. In addition, his role involves the establishment of strategic partnerships that benefit all, as well as maintaining marketing visibility that is faithful to the company’s values and skills.

Jean- Marc Prévost

Vice-President, Finance

Jean-Marc is responsible for the company’s financial and accounting strategy. In addition to steering various treasury activities, Jean-Marc employs his extensive experience to ensure that the company’s growth rests on a solid financial basis.

Daniel Paradis

Strategic Business Adviser

Daniel is passionate about business development, especially with enterprising multi-party cooperation, and always in the spirit of collaboration where everyone wins. In his role as strategic business adviser, Daniel contributes to the continued and sustainable growth of the organization.

Our Clients

Paxyl has helped to put thousands of contact centre agents on line. With its many years of experience, Paxyl has carried out multiple large-scale projects for many well-known and diverse clients.

Our Partners

We work with a number of well-known partners so that we can offer our clients a range of quality solutions that cover all contact centre services.

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